Ivie affiliate program

About Ivie

At Ivie, we’re on a mission to make wellness a way of life for everyone.

Through convenient, comprehensive health checks, we help people unlock vital information to boost their wellbeing and help prevent disease.

We believe when you have the most accurate data at your fingertips, you can make fully-informed decisions – and feel confident doing so.

Our tests range from easy finger-prick tests you can do yourself to in-depth blood tests performed by a trained phlebotomist, and DNA tests with a simple cheek swab.

Collaborating with Ivie

When you work with Ivie, it’s about more than just earning commission. It’s about inspiring a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

We focus on proactive wellness, and want to partner with people who align with our values.

If you’re excited about helping people understand more about their health, our affiliate program could be for you.

How to partner with us

  1. Create an affiliate account with Affiliate Future.
  2. Sign up to our program for free and start collaborating, earning commission on sales made via your affiliate link.

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