Introducing our premium blood tests: The Well Woman & The Well Man!

Get your full blood test at Holland & Barrett Bluewater

Struggling to make time for your health? Get a whole body health check in 15 minutes with our premium blood testing service. New to Bluewater.

Choose your test
Blood taken by a phlebotomist
Over 50 biomarkers tested
Convenient 15 minute appointment
Results sent to phone in 48 hours
Includes doctor-reviewed report


'Getting such detailed results, plus a written doctor's report, in less than 48 hours was excellent! The results gave me a clear basis on which to base future decisions on lifestyle changes, supplement use and doctors visits.'

Chris, Sussex

So helpful!

'It was so helpful to receive so much information on different areas of my health, and to see exactly where my results placed in relation to normal ranges. The Well Woman test gave me a great guideline on the state of my health.'

Cathy, Manchester

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