Introducing our premium blood tests: The Well Woman & The Well Man!

What to expect

Our cutting-edge DNA tests analyse your skin or nutrition-based genetic traits.

The method works by you taking a quick cheek swab and sending it back.

Scientists then use innovate technology to generate your personalised report, available on the DnaNudge app within a week.

From there, you can start scanning products when out shopping. That way, you can choose the best food or skincare products suited to your unique genes.

Healthier choices

Get personalised, DNA-based recommendations while you shop so you can make healthier choices.

Use your personalised report in the DnaNudge app and easily check products while shopping.

The app's database has over 500,000 food products and over 30,000 skincare products it can scan and tailor to you.


Firstly, you order online or purchase one of our DNA tests in a Holland & Barrett store. You do your cheek swab at home or in-store, then return it to our clinical partner's lab via the pre-paid envelope inside your kit.

The lab team then load your swab into a DnaCartridge to extract your DNA. The cartridge is put into a NudgeBox, where scientists then run the DNA test. You're then sent your results via the DnaNudge App.

Your results are broken down into a series of tiles for each of your genetic traits, and each tile is given a colour code in the traffic light system: red, amber or green.

Next time you're out shopping, you can use the app to scan the barcode of products you're interested in. You'll see whether they're recommended for you or not, nudging you towards the best choices for your unique genes.

Yes, you'll receive a test kit that includes the following:

  • Instructions 
  • Cheek swab kit
  • Lifestyle questionnaire 
  • Consent form
  • Return envelope

Full instructions for doing your cheek swab can be found on the packaging for the swab itself. When the swab is in your mouth, ensure to rub the swab up and down on the inside of your cheek for 60 seconds, swapping to the other cheek after 30 seconds. Rub both sides of the swab on your cheek.

You’ll receive your results as a personalised report on the DnaNudge app within a week.

To download the app, simply go the App Store or Google Play and search for 'DnaNudge'. Once on the DnaNudge app page, you can download the app for free.

Simply follow the instructions in your kit to return your cheek swab sample using the pre-paid envelope.

Don't eat, drink or brush your teeth for at least one hour before doing your swab.

Your privacy is our main concern. Once our clinical partners DnaNudge have received your sample, it's inserted into their lab-on-a-chip DnaCartridge. This delivers a result direct to your smartphone in around 90 minutes. Your sample is then completely destroyed, maintaining full confidentiality and privacy.