Get a full female health check

Gain valuable insights into your thyroid function, hormone levels, cholesterol and more with our full range of female health tests.

More informed about my health

'The at home test enabled me to be more informed about my health and to seek appropriate help from a specialist. It plugged the gap that my GP couldn’t provide.'


So helpful!

'It was so helpful to receive so much information on different areas of my health, and to see exactly where my results placed in relation to normal ranges.'


Very clever idea!

'I love having the option to run tests without going to the GP. I think this is a brilliant idea. I'm a health conscious person so having this is amazing.'


Why get tested?

A full female health check can give you the answers – from discovering underlying issues to revealing possible reasons for symptoms.

Doctor-reviewed results are delivered to your phone within 48 hours. 

You'll also get a downloadable PDF report of your results to share easily with healthcare professionals.

Choose your test

Pick the best test for you, from a finger prick kit to a phlebotomy blood test.

Take your test

Complete your chosen test at home. No fasting or prep required!

Send us your sample

We provide pre-paid postage. Just pop your test in your nearest post box.

Receive your results

Get your doctor-reviewed results on the Ivie app within 48 hours.

Backed by science

Both our lab and blood testing partner are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), ensuring you get safe, effective, high-quality care.

Plus, our trusted team of NHS doctors, scientists and clinicians help ensure everything we do is clinically accurate.

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