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Personalised Skincare DNA Test

No more marketing hype or trial and error – just personalised, DNA-based product recommendations unique to your skin. It’s skincare made personal. 

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Discover the best skincare for your genes
Quick and easy cheek swab test
8 genetic traits analysed
Actionable results in app
Free delivery

What can you learn?

Be guided by your biology. Let our personalised skincare test decode the secrets in your genes and help you tailor your skincare to work in tune with your biology. Your personalised report will analyse 8 skin-related genetic traits:

Collagen degradation
Deep wrinkles
Eyelid sagging
Fine lines
Loss of hydration
Oxidative stress
Skin irritation


'Changed the way I shop for skincare products.'

Absolutely love this new technology!

'I've been waiting for something advanced to be able to tell me easily and quickly what my skin needs. I've never had bad skin issues but always struggle with just guessing, so I was very happy when this gave me an accurate guide to my skin. I've been scanning multiple products since having the test to see if it will match my skin, and have found it so useful.'

Your privacy, guaranteed

Your privacy is our primary concern.

All we need from you is a quick cheek swab. This is inserted into our lab-on-a-chip DnaCartridge, which delivers a result direct to your smartphone in around 90 minutes. Your sample is then destroyed, maintaining full confidentiality.

Your data is never stored, sold on, rented out, or shared with third parties for financial advantage.

We work with Care Quality Commission-accredited labs and our test kits are all CE-marked.


Developed by DnaNudge, the Personalised Skincare DNA Test is a genetic test that analyses genes associated with your skin health. These include genes which influence skin pigmentation, susceptibility to irritation and ageing. Understanding your genetic report will help you make more informed product choices regarding your skin health. DnaNudge's algorithm will consider the results from your genetic report to make product recommendations tailored directly to you.

The Personalised Skincare DNA Test and the DnaNudge app are for ages 11+. All product recommendations are intended as a guide only. If you use the DnaNudge app while shopping for children, please keep in mind that it is your responsibility as a parent or guardian to decide what products to buy for them.

First, you need to order online or purchase the test in a Holland & Barrett store. Then, you do your cheek swab at home or in store and return it via the pre-paid envelope. The DnaNudge lab team will then load your sample into a DnaCartridge to extract your DNA. The cartridge is then run through a DNA test and your results are sent to you via the DnaNudge app. You can then scan the barcode of products using the app to see whether they're recommended for you or not, based off your genetics. Using a traffic light colour system, you'll be nudged towards better products for your unique needs.

DnaNudge's skincare database has over 30,000 products. They update all their databases regularly, so the number of products is growing all the time.

You can scan products in retail stores such as Boots, Superdrug and John Lewis. DnaNudge's skincare database currently contains over 30,000 products; however, you'll be unable to scan products local to other countries outside the UK. The team is working daily to expand the number of products available to scan in the UK and worldwide.

The test panel identifies several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within genes that are associated with skin ageing, skin irritation and its ability to defend itself from free radicals caused by exposure to environmental stressors. Some companies test for more than this, but DnaNudge aims for quality, not quantity. More does not mean better; they only include genes which have high quality evidence behind them.

No, the personalised skincare test is not a skin consultation service. DnaNudge provides product recommendations based on individual product formulations and their ability to target your skin concerns outlined in your genetic report. Building your skincare routine is completely up to you. With so many new products launching on the market, this service simply aims to improve your shopping decisions by nudging you to select suitable products tailored to you based on your DNA.

Our personalised skincare DNA test looks at your genetic predispositions for skin-related health conditions and relates those predispositions to properties of ingredients in cosmetic products. The test assesses your susceptibility to skin pigmentation, ageing and irritation.

No, DnaNudge does not offer medical or healthcare advice. Their service is for information only and isn't an alternative to medical advice. If you are pregnant or you have a particular dermatological skin condition, you should speak to your GP and contact the brand directly before following any product recommendations.

Love it!

'Very insightful, has helped me know my skin better and stop wasting money on products that don't work for me.'